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Gift Certificate
Want to give a gift that will have a positive effect on somenone’s life? Give the gift of organized living.

Giving you more

time and space.
Stacey Kimbrell, Professional Organizer
Residential, Business, Classrooms and

Church Organization.


Home organization means everything has a
place and you know where that place is.
Non-judgmental, confidential and supportive
"Hands-on" Organizing for all areas of your home and business.

Living Organized will help you determin your goals and provide you with tools, tips and techniques to achieve them. Living Organized was created to help bring balance to your life.

Living Balanced is taking on one's responsibilities with an optimistic attitude to influence a positive difference in the lives around us. Living Balanced through home organization, whole food nutrituion and naturally healing your Body, Mind & Spirit.

~Living with zeal in all of our circumstances
~Being thankful for what we have been given
~Finding new ways to be productive & resourseful

The hard part of organizing your life, home or business is having it stay that way. That's where Living Organized can help – together we will organize your "challenging" area(s) and re-establish order in your life through sorting, purging, and creating a "home" for your things.

You will also learn basic organizing principles and techniques in the process so that it will ALLOW you to STAY organized and access your belongings when you want them.

What can Living Organized do for you?

  • Help you determine your goals, evaluate priorities and show you how to create structure so you will have time to relax, enjoy life and do the things you love most.

  • Help you get and stay organized by assess, redesign, and organize space resulting in functional, attractive, orderly, and easy to maintain areas.

  • Design a system that allows you to manage your time having all appointments, events, schoolwork and important activities at your fingertips.

  • Help you sort through your items so you can easily decide what to keep, donate, sell, or toss. Recommend affordable, creative solutions, and products to create more organized spaces.

  • Living Organized will provide you with tools, tips, and techniques to help you get control of your calendar and your "To Do List"

Services References Helpful Hints FAQ Survey Biography Home