Let me organize your life....

Do you envy friends whose homes are neat, with everything in its proper place and no clutter? Do you read organizing blogs hoping that your clutter will magically disappear? It is not an easy task to do alone, but having a professional work with you, teaching you skills you can incorporate into your life, will make an organized home a reality.

A professional organizer can help with

  • Everyday clutter
  • Paper organization
  • Disposal of out-of-date and non functional electronics and small appliances
  • Kitchen and bathroom storage solutions
  • Packing and staging a home for sale
  • Unpacking and "staging" in your new house for maximum purpose and appeal


Rates are reasonable to allow for ongoing maintenance so that you don't get lost in the clutter ever again.  If necessary I can help with the purchase of storage bins and other organizing tools to help sort and contain your belongings.

Contact: Lynn

(519) 588-3846